New Boiler Quote British Gas

British Gas charges for installs are very high. They charge more to cover significant marketing costs incl TV adverts and pass this cost onto the consumer. British Gas use tested installers. These installers don’t work just for British Gas; they drive their own vans, run their own businesses and complete their own installs. If you have an installer who subs for British Gas then why pay more for the same qualified install? Recently, I spoke with a fellow independent installer who offered a quote for a new boiler install in his local area. This chap was also a fitter for British Gas. British Gas asked the installer to fit the new boiler replacement as it was in his local area. The installer arrived at the customer’s property to fit a new boiler for British Gas. Needless to say, the customer was not happy to see the same installer turn up for a much more expensive install with British Gas. The only difference between the installs would have been the headed note paper! The customer paid more and the installer earned less.

If you don’t trust your installer. If they didn’t come by word of mouth. Search out approved installers with the main boiler companies. As a company, we have gas engineers who install for British Gas. We make sure that your boiler warranty criteria are fully met, registration with the manufacturer is completed and all Benchmarks finalised including building regulation notifications.