Fixed Price Boiler Installs

How much should it cost to install a new boiler? A new gas boiler install could cost from approx one to four thousand pounds. You will see that later on in the page we quote £1800 for a combi swap and £2400 for a conventional boiler replacement but there are obviously options in purchasing a new boiler just like there are in buying a new car. The ‘Rolls Royce’ choice in any boiler range costs more as it provides options and durability above it’s counterparts. We are happy to provide unbiased opinion on the most popular boiler installs, including what brands are kown to be most reliable, offer the best value for money and come with the best warranties.

Variations on that cost include the type of boiler required; the two favoured methods of heating your home and hot water are the combination boiler and the conventinal heat only system boiler whic would include a hot water cylinder normally located in a home owner’s ‘airing cupboard’. Combination boilers tend to be a less expensive install than a more complex conventional boiler install but this is not always the case; it depends on where the boiler is postioned and any alterations of existing pipework.

So, depending on the postition of the new boiler install; whether you want the boiler moved, a like for like replacement of a conventional or combi boiler and/or the alterations of pipework, whether you need a hot flush or a mechanical flush to clean existing pipework, prices vary. A gas engineer will need to complete a quick survey at your property to chase down the potential problems of any install and give you a secure quote.

Until a survey has been completed an approximate costing of a new boiler install from New Boiler Quotes would be as follows:

Repalcement combi boiler with hot flush and minimal pipework adaptations: £1800

Replacement conventional boiler with hot flush and minimal pipework adaptations: £2400

All quotations are fixed in price after the survey has been completed. The price covers a new boiler, a system flush, a magnetic cleaning filter and the chemicals required to both clean and inhibit sludge blockages which enable your system to meet the warranty requirements of boiler manufacturers.